"My dear father was born on the 7th October 1893 - died Dec. 1953. He had this old guitar and every Sunday after lunch he used to go upstairs and play his guitar.
The only song he knew was RAMONA.
I shall never forget that." Bill Coxhead

William Nicholas Publius Coxhead

Ramona, I hear the mission bells above
Ramona , they're ringing out our song of love
I press you, caress you
And bless the day you taught me to care
I'll always remember
The rambling rose you wore in your hair

Ramona, when the day is done you'll hear my call
Ramona, we'll meet beside the waterfall
I dread the dawn
When I awake to find you gone
Ramona, I need you, my own

Original words by Mable Wayne
Music by L. Wolfe Gilbert